Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Rorschach Blog and Its Series of Show Plugs for Folks We Know and Love

There is a lot of great theatre in Washington, DC. And since I know that for some of you money can be tight and you can't always afford the high priced tickets at larger theatre's that produce the works of a certain playwright from Avon, I highly recommend that you go and see dog & pony's upcoming production of Cymbeline.

Why you may ask? Well there are a couple of good reasons and a one budgetary reason.

Good Reason #1: When the hell are you going to get a chance to see Cymbeline again any time soon? We all love the big name Shakespeare plays. It seems like a year doesn't go by without a depressed Dane or sword wielding Scotsman or two mixed up kids from Verona without finding their way onto DC's stages. But how often do you get to see this tale of Romans and Britains beating the crap out of one another?

If you love Shakespeare, and I think a lot of you do, you need to check this one off your list.

Good Reason #2: There are Rorschach folks in this thing. Well folks who will soon be appearing in The Skin of Our Teeth this summer. The show's director Wyckham Avery will be playing Mrs. Antrobus and cast members JJ Area and Becky Peters will all be on stage at Georgetown this summer.

And the Budgetary Reason: The tickets are just $15.

Follow this LINK for information on how to get tickets and such.

The show runs April 11th through April 27th, so don't miss it.

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