Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is the One with a Monkey at the End

I made a new friend last night.

Her name is Louise and she has been a Rorschach fan since Master and Margarita. She has seen every show since, with the exception of two: Accidental Death (she had tickets for the night Karl got sick and she couldn't make it back when Grady took over) and The Beard of Avon (because she says she hates Shakespeare).

Louise got to the bar last night about 10 minutes to 7pm last night and was greeted by Jenny, Randy, Matt, Katherine Tripp and myself sitting in the upstairs room at Stetson's quietly coloring in stickers from the dollar store. She was early. She was planning to get there at around 7:15 and she missed the mark by about 25 minutes. But once she got there and got a Manhattan in her hand she started mingeling.

Alot of the time these events like the one we had last night turn into mutual appreciation society meetings. Actors, designers and directors standing around a bar looking at one another and wondering why they even stopped by since they saw these people at the last party they went to and they would probably see them again at the next party. But last night was cool because of folks like Louise.

She has been following our company for years now and here she is coming out to an event with people she only knows from watching them on stage or manning (I'm sorry, dear, personing the box office) and yet she somehow knew that this event and Rorschach in particular would welcome and her and all of the others who came last night who had never been on our stage or been forced to sit through a single designer run.

We sold some tickets to the benefit last night, we saw some old friends, and drank some drinks, but I think the best thing about last night is that we were reminded that there are people who come to our shows again and again because we are creating something that they enjoy! To all of you who have never missed a Rorschach show since you walked through our door, you are our kind of people and we'll drink with you any time.

Thanks Louise and I hope we can get the Rorschach bowling trip set up soon!

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