Thursday, April 10, 2008

Monday Night with Rorschach at Stetson's

See those guys in the picture. Both of them had their livers replaced after the World Premier of Behold!

I can only recommend that you avoid their mistake and drink responsibly. And if you are going to drink responsibly you should drink with friends. And who is more of a friend to you than your favorite theatre company beginning with an R.

Come to our special Rorschach in Exile Kick-Off event this Monday at 7pm in the glorious upstairs barroom of one of Jena Bush's favorite hang-outs (and I am not referring to what happened to her dress at the first inaugural ball) Stetson's on U Street, between 16th and 17th and just blocks away from the U Street Metro Station.

Stetson's is located at 1610 U Street NW, Washington, DC and we'll be upstairs. Bring your ID! If you have a fake ID I don't recommend trying it, but its up to you take a chance.

We will be offering fantastic discounts on some of our upcoming events and we promise to be entertaining. Really!

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Anonymous said...

Stetson's was also Monica's favorite bar...