Monday, July 24, 2006

Why do they call it Fringe?

Have I made a big enough deal out of the fact that The Arabian Night keeps on selling out night after night. If I have not made a big deal over that fact then I should be spanked. I went to see the show last night and I have to tell you as good as I thought it was in previews it is even better now. The cast and stage management have gotten their rhythms down to a nearly mind rocking level and they continue to find all of the opportunities that this unique script offers. I am warning you that this show has sold out throughout the run and this being the final weekend you need to get your tickets as soon as possible. Visit the people on the web and get your tickets now and if Box Office tickets is sold out visit our friends the Fringe who are selling tickets for us as well (more on the Fringe in a moment). Here is a late review from DCist showing the same kind of love that we have been getting from the print press.

So here we are at the beginning of another beautiful and smoggy week here in the Nation's Capital. I just got back from the ocean, played three rounds of mini-golf and numerous ski balls were thrown. And here in our sweet city on the Potomac people have been busting their collective asses to make a little thing called the
Capital Fringe Festival get off the ground.

Even though The Arabian Night is the final show in Rorschach's Sexy Season Six, it is also part of the Capital Fringe Festival. Here is a neat trick if you visit Box Office Tickets and find that the show is Sold Out you might try getting tickets through the Fringe Folks who are also selling Rorschach Tickets.

If I can without bias recommend a couple of these other shows for your perusal:

Bartleby Every day Bartleby goes to work. Every day he goes to an ordinary office. Works as an ordinary photocopy technician. Day after day. Until today. Journeymen Theater presents Bartleby: the fringe show for everyone who has ever spent a day in a cubicle or wouldn't be caught dead in one!

Lunch Multiple stories unfold in the cafetorium of Benjamin Franklin Middle School as the students experience their first crushes and first kisses; a best friend becomes jealous of a girlfriend; and an eighth grade dance devolves into a riot when the popular girl fails to be elected Queen of the dance.

Mamas, Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up to Be Actors One cowboy's crazy romp through bankrupt New York acting schools, drunken auditions, nudists, lap dancers, and a showdown with his eccentric family.

Promenading with Lunatics In 1887 a young journalist after a story feigned madness and was thrown into an assylum exposing herself to the brutal treatments of the "unfortunates" of her day. Descend into madness with Nellie Bly, Laura Kieler (the inspiration for "A Doll's House") and Charlotte Perkins Gilman (The Yellow Wallpaper).

I make these recommendations based soley on the fact that I know some of these folks and want them to succeed or based on the fact that there are Rorschach alums involved. Because of my schedule I won't be able to see any of these shows but I hope you will all get out and see as much of the fring as possible

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