Monday, July 10, 2006

Love for the Sexy Play

Here is the deal, I am in town today and tomorrow and I get a chance to set down some words. Jason, if you could fill out the week, during what some have come to refer to as my mid-life crisis tour, I would really appreciate it.

Please note the headline ladies and gentlemen. The Arabian Night is a hit with critics and audiences alike (I borrowed that last sentence from movie commercials for My Best Friend's Wedding, so imagine I just read it aloud to you in my pleasing baritone).

What kind of love you may be asking yourself?

Well the two best kinds of love a play and theater company could get, great reviews and sell out houses. My spies tell me that we sold out on Saturday night.

What could have brought this about?

How about some sweet reviews from Messrs. Graham and Marks.

Here is what Trey had to say:

"A slick 60-minute thriller with a chip on its urbane shoulder and a whiff of the supernatural in its nostrils." --The Washington City Paper (For the whole review, click here)

And Peter says:

"Engaging... Powerful... Surreal... a dramatist of promise seeking an original method of redefining the world and its mysterious ways." -- The Washington Post (for the whole review, click here)

Just a reminder that the show contains some nudity and adult situations so this may not be the show you bring your ten year old cousin visting from out of town to. Unless your ten year old cousin is really really mature in which case email me and I will tell you if it is alright for he or she to come to the show.

The show continues until the 30th of July. I recommend this option for people who can't get rolling out of their cribs until 7 pm on a Saturday or who like to squeeze a nap in after their day long brunch on 17th Street or at Eastern Market, before they start working their drink on up and down 18th Street. Think about seeing a show at either 8pm on Saturday night, you are out of there by 9:05 and you will still have a good 5 hours to get your drink on at Toledo or Pharmacy Bar.

Don't miss this show!

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