Monday, July 03, 2006


Here is the thing about opening weekends. Excitement and sell outs are getting to be the norm for us at Rorschach. I say that while crossing myself and knocking on various bits of wood around my desk and office, but people want to get in on the ground floor of what ever crazy, magical and manic theatrical pie we have decided to stick our collective fingers in. I know that is a mixed metaphor but I really don't know any better.

Friday night PWYC for The Arabian Night sold out I am told and there was a full crowd there for opening night as well. We had to turn some folks aside and there may have been some feelings hurt but folks it is going to sell out on Opening and to dangle the hope of possibly getting a seat in front of one of your friends is kind cruel. If anyone's feelings were hurt I suppose we are sorry but there is a reason that we ask people to RSVP these events. Remember the show runs until the end of July and tickets are still available for most shows.

Just to explain to folks what will be happening over the next few weeks here at the Rorschach blog, I am going on a rather lengthy road trip. I will be back in town for a couple of days each week, but you may not get the steady stream of blogging to which you may have become accustomed here. I would apologize for this as well but I needs me some me time and the closest I could get to me time involves me traveling around with 14 other people in a van, a car and a truck for a month, doing Shakespeare and trying to recapture some part of my youth. I feel no guilt over this but I will miss the daily chance to pollute your delicate minds with Rorschachian propaganda and ephemera.

So for everyone who is getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July, I remind you to designate someone to drive your drunkeness home tomorrow night and please fireworks should only be used under the direct supervision of a trained adult or at least someone very tall.


ellen said...

hey, hope you have a great time on your tour.

Anonymous said...

Summer Shakes! Have a blast!