Friday, January 11, 2008

Fumor Has It

Fumor #3

Rorschach is expanding into the world of Kosher Pickle Production.

Not satisfied to rest on their collective laurels, Rorschach Theatre will be marketing a new line of Kosher Pickels in early spring 2008. Rorschach having long been associated with in your face dramatic endeavors feels that the world of preserved cucumbers is the next logical step.

Company members Yasmin Tuazon and Tim Getman both third and fourth generation picklers respectively came to Co-Artistic Directors Jenny McConnell Frederick and Randy Baker in early 2007 to pitch the idea.

Yasmin says "What is the difference between packing in audiences and packing pickles in a barrel? Aside from the briny solution and size. Most people are bigger than pickles."

If the limited run of Kosher Dills are a success, Getman says "We are thinking about possibly pickeling peppers, pears and persimmons for late fall."

The Pickel Project follows last year's successful Rorschach baby fashion line and the less successful All-You-Can-Eat Peel-Your-Own Shrimp and Sangria Bar that Company Member Jason Linkins was running out of the trunk of his car.


gwen said...

man, I've been living with Yasmin for a year and a half, and she is CONSTANTLY trying to pickle me.

DCepticon said...

Those aren't pickles.