Tuesday, January 15, 2008

As Fumor Travels

Fumor #5

Jason Linkins has added a new job to his list of ten, he's playing the jug.

Jason Rorschach's lovable blogger, actor, witch hunter general, surgeon general, muckraker, music critic, thorn in the side of the establishment and fantasy role player, has taken up the jug.

Jason comes from a long line of jug players going back to his great-grandfather Elias "Pouch Cheeks" Linkins. Old "Pouch Cheeks" was famed for his jug handling and his uncanny ability to store nuts for winter. He played with The Good Old Boys, The Plumb Tuckers, The New Good Old Boys, Jasper and the Tolerables, The Plumb Tucker Xperience and Jefferson Bi-Plane (this was Grace Slicks' original band).

Jason has been working up to a public performance for over a year now and hope to have a band together sometime this spring.

Jason says "The jug can be an angry mistress! Not as angry as an actual mistress, but about as angry as a mistress with no arms, no legs and a handle on the side can get. Believe me when I say this is a mistress who can get angry and let you know about it. I suppose it can't use words so it is more about you feeling the anger coming off the jug more than it is actually about you hearing about the anger. With a real mistress, who has a mouth, you would hear about the anger. I am sure that is all she would talk about, and then you would just say I have had enough and go back to your wife or girlfriend and say I am sorry. Jugs are better"

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