Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rorschach Doc

I spent the last two evenings with Grady Weatherford. Grady is in the process of documenting on video the first 9 years of Rorschach. I know only 8 seasons yet 9 years of history, what happened? Well a lot of stuff.

Grady has been working with Company Members and our Artistic Directors to create a special Behind the Curtain style documentary showing the steps and missteps that have created one of Washington's most in your face theater companies.

This Special Film will have its premiere at the Rorschach Benefit, May 10th, just in case you needed another reason to come besides the drinking, dancing and fancy masks.

I will have other things to tell you about the event in the coming days, but here are some teases for the video:

Which Rorschach Company have had more than just their roles padded?

What was literally and figuratively Rorschach's hottest show?

Where did the company come from any way?

And whose favorite show was A Clearing in the Woods?

I promise all of these answers and more will shock and amuse you!

Click here for more details about the Rorschach Masquerade Benefit.

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