Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Post Card and Results

I am kind of proud of this one. There was a lot of planning and replanning, shooting and reshooting and design work that went into this one, but I think the whole thing is pretty damn stunning.

Onto the results portion of our polling. Well I have to say I am a little surprised. I thought for sure the Randy v. Jenny Death Match would have been a lock, but I have been wrong before. The results:

It seems now I will have to battle each company member in one on a bunch combat in order to satisfy your blood lust. So be it! Bring it on and remember I fight dirty.

Pay-What-You-Can Previews for Jennifer Maisel's birds start one week from today. Acting, designing, directing and producing continue at their heady pace, but I think we will all be in for a beautiful, wonderfully strange ride when this horse leaves the paddock, so save your lose change now if you want to get a peak at birds before we open on June 30th.

Tomorrow, I will have some construction shots of the set, which have been provided by someone with an inside view of what it is to build the kind of monster set you have come to expect from a theater like Rorschach. Until then, bye!

1 comment:

Punchmaster said...

Just let me say I'm proud to have come in second, and will gladly make good on that match as a crowd-warmer for the real event. As long as MJ & I can wrestle in pudding.