Wednesday, October 18, 2006


There have been some rumors flying around this week which I need to quash. It has long been a priority at The Rorschach Theatre Blog to prevent the spreading of unfounded rumors and to prevent the petty bickering that has broken-up numerous start-up theater companies and at least two British rock bands. So here and now I am going on the record.

Rorschach has not adopted any orphans.

We were looking, but found nothing we liked. Perhaps in a couple years we will be in a better place in our lives and we can handle the responsibility of a child, but for right now we are all very busy concentrating on our careers and Monster.

Rorschach did not test a small nuclear device in the basement of Casa del Peublo.

While we are constantly trying to find ways to raise money and awareness, we have not engaged in any testing or development of nuclear devices. We are not playing God here, like Dr. Victor Frankenstein in our upcoming production of Monster that starts Pay-What-You-Can Previews on October 27th at 8 p.m.

Rorschach did not have pictures taken in the buff when it was in college for which we are being blackmailed to prevent them from appearing in the Tabloids.

Now that one is just plain stupid. Where do you people get this crap? Aren't there better ways to spend your time? How about coming to see Monster? Tickets are available by either calling 1-800-494-TIXS or visiting Box Office Tickets.

I hope this ends the speculation and that you people will let us live our lives in peace.

See Monster!

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