Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It is never to late to have a Happy Klecksakah!

Seamus here, author of No, Batsheba, reporting from rehearsals. Quick personal note: I've known Natsu, our director, for years, since she's a professor at my alma mater, but we've never worked together as writer and director on anything. When we kicked off the project last week, I couldn't help but wonder if we were up to the challenge of turning Grace Overbeke's story into an entertaining ten-minute tale of anti-Semitic Santas and Christmas Eve grudge matches.

After the first half-hour of sitting in on last night's rehearsal, my face hurt from grinning so much, and after another half hour of watching slow-motion fisticuffs and hearing Soneyet's TERRIFYING
Batman voice, my entire upper body hurt from doubling up laughing (and from eating more than my share of the delicious cookies that Karin, our host and Evil Santa extraordinaire, made for us).

Here are some reflections from the cast to tide you over until we shower you with cartoony splendor this weekend!

Soneyet: Wrapping rehearsal for the night, when your director tells you to go home and come back with an even sillier love your life!

Karin: Did you know that Santa Klaus is antisemitic, a martial arts champ and has certain
food allergies?
More secrets to be revealed in No, Bathseba!

My dad is way cooler than your dad & our Christmas adventure kicks your Christmas adventure’s face in.– Love, Batsheba O’Malley-Hirschberger

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