Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Review from the Interwebs

See there are reviews and then there are Reviews. This is a Review. Tim Treanor from DC Theatre Scene joined us on Friday night for This Storm is What We Call Progress. And before Saturday was over he couldn't help but gush a little. Follow the link HERE to read all of Tim's accolades, including this:

At bottom, it is a celebration of passionate love, which is surely a manifestation of the invisible universe, and an exploration of paradise lost, which is always the consequence of knowledge. It depicts both with such skill and specificity as to make this play moving even in the absence of its fantastic backdrop and story line.

There is much more sugar for everyone else, so read all the review.

Also Jason Grote once again has responded to his critics and ours on his blog. He also gives a good deal of insight into what Storm is about. Read more HERE.

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