Thursday, August 30, 2007


There are so many things to remind you about before you all take your 4 day weekends.

Keep voting for References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot and Gabriela over at DC Theatre Scene. References . . . has a slim edge in first place but Gabi has slipped to the middle of the pack. Make sure everyone you know who loves Rorschach is voting, we can win this one. Click HERE to vote.

Page to Stage at the Kennedy Center this weekend and while there are many plays getting a first read this long weekend, there are none so important as Randy Baker's Dream Sailors. Sunday at 5:30 pm in the Family Theatre. Click HERE for all the details.

Also this weekend the playwrights will get their assignments for Myth-Appropriation: The Brothers Grimm. Then rehearsals start in earnest Monday for a one night only event next Saturday at 8pm and 10pm at Casa. Tickets are just $10 and can be ordered on-line HERE or call 1-800-494-TIXS.

Hope you have been having fun with the How Rorschach Are You? on-line poll. Let me know how you are scoring in the comments area and if I can suggest ways to improve, let me know.

For tomorrow I am working on something special so check in before you head out. All the best, and I am out!


The Trendy Tailor said...

I'm only 80% I younger than the target demographica? wha happened?

SAS said...

Uhhh, 65%.


Interestingly, my first thought was that I was too old for the demographic. Or that I hadn't dated enough Rorschach Company Members. Which isn't actually a question, but maybe should be.

Also--according to the link Randy's reading is on Sunday at 5:30, but your post says Saturday at 5:30.

DCepticon said...

Age demo should have nothing to do with your standing.

Corrected the Reading error SAS, thanks.

Maybe you all should be considering. What exactly makes a Rorschach Play and what Mandy Moore really means to the world.

The Trendy Tailor said...

is it really bass fishing?

Anonymous said...

I'm 78% Rorschach. That sounds about right to me.

Anonymous said...

I am 81% Rorschach


DCepticon said...

Yes, it is bass fishing. I will expound on my reasons some time in the future after more people have a chance to take the test.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it seemed fairly easy to guess in such a way that one could earn whatever score they wanted...but I just answered honestly (including some that seemed clearly "non-Rorschach") and got an 80%.

blog prince said...

I am 77%

Anonymous said...

78% Rorschach.