Wednesday, April 11, 2007

PWYC Previews Start Tonight

Tonight begins what like to think of as our experiment in theater. Once again we are offering a chance for those of you who know a good bargain when you see one, to come and see References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot on the cheap.

We have three Pay-What-You-Can Previews, tonight, tomorrow and Friday at 8pm. No reservations, no minimum, just come on by and say I want to see the show.

This is not a fully realized show mind you, there will be tweaks between now and Saturday Night. The cleverest among you will see the show during Previews and then come and pay our always low $20 to see the finished product some time later in the run.

This show is so hot that the email we sent out to announce the previews went straight into some people's spam folders. Got to rememeber to spell "Hot" either H*T or H OT, next time or some people may think we forgot to tell them about the show.

See you tonight!

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